Diesel engines – one life. Multiple variations.

Model Cylinders Displacement (cc) Rated output (kW at rpm) Top speed (km/h) Fuel consumption, combined (l/100 km) CO2 emissions combined (g/km)
GLC 220 d 4MATIC 4 2143 125 / 3,000–4,200 210 (electr. limited) 5.6 146
GLC 250 d 4MATIC 4 2143 150 / 3800 210 (electr. limited) 5.7 149

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The highlights of our 4-cylinder diesel engine.

The declared fuel and energy consumption figures are determined by testing under standardised laboratory conditions to comply with ADR 81/02. Real world consumption is influenced by many additional factors such as fuel quality, individual driving style, load, traffic and vehicle condition. The declared consumption figure should only be used for the purpose of comparison amongst vehicles.



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